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Collarme Members Registration

Welcome to Collarme member registration. Registering on this system is free, and allows you to use various features on this website, including the forum, calender and chat.

Please note: Your cellphone number is only required for the Commercial Area, where you will be able to make purchases from the online store via sms. You will never be contacted by any of the Admin on the site and this information will never be made public.

See our explanation below for more information:

R E Q U I R E D     I N F O R M A T I O N
Valid Email Address Only required to send you your new password and your reset password should you forget it.
Username Choose your own unique nickname. Use only digits, letters or underscores. Max 12 Characters
Accept Terms I am 18+ and Agree the the Terms of Use Terms of Use.Please read before confirming as they are binding.

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PLEASE NOTE! When you hit submit, your Password will be emailed to the Email Address you entered, and you will be returned to the login page. To login, use the Username you selected and the password that has been emailed to you by the site. Your password can be changed to one of your own choosing once you have logged in.

Account Registration Questions?

Q: How exactly does the SMS payment system work. Why do I NOT provide my cellphone number on registration?

In order to aviod confustion we'll provide a simple step by step example of the system below. For the purpose of this example we'll say that Joe wants to sign up, and will want to make purchases and will pay using his cellphone.

Step 1:
He will create a free account using the following details:
  Username: Joe

Note that Joe no longer provides his cell number. If, at a later date, Joe sends us a Premium Rate SMS, our system will send Joe a code to unlock the Paid content. We do not need to store the Cell number to achieve this.