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Welcome To Collarme
Welcome to, a premier South African website dedicated to the BDSM community.

On this site you will be able to meet others with similar interests, talk about your interests, learn more about your interests, find out information about events organised in your area as well as find your way to suppliers of the products you seek to pursue your favourite pass times.

Once registered, which is free, the navigation of the site is simple, and should you require any assistance, please contact a Moderator or the Site Admin. If you wish to assist in helping grow the community by setting up events in your geographic area or specific interest please contact the Site Admin to volunteer.

This community is built on mutual respect and acceptance of each others differences as well as each others similarities in so far as sexual orientation is concerned. This site is Pansexual and as such Heterosexuals, Bisexuals and Homosexuals are all welcome to join and participate.

If you find any of the content of this site offensive, please do not proceed any further. By entering the site, you indicate that you are tolerant towards the beliefs, ideas, sexual orientation and lifestyle choices of other people.

This is a community site NOT a pornographic site.

Should you have problems registering on or wish to deregister from the site, feel free to contact the Site Admin at

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